Nighttime Pics and pool surrounding options

Below are pictures taken of a recent pool install after the sun went down.  

The pool is the 14x32 San Lucas model.  All of our pools come standard with 2-3 color-changing LED lights - looking closely, you can see the pool lit up in the blue and purple colors (6 stationary colors come with the lights, as well as multiple color-changing options).  

Also of note, your fiberglass pool can be integrated into any sort of surround.  If you’re just looking for plain and simple, a fiberglass pool can be the centerpiece of that particular style.  Or, as you’ll see in the pictures below, elaborate lighting and hardscapes can be added to your pool area to create a private paradise …

In addition to the 16x38 Centennial model highlighted in a post below, another new model introduced by Custom Fiberglass Pools is the Brunswick.  The Brunswick is 14 ft wide by 32 ft long with a deep end that slopes down to 6 ft.  This model is rectangular in shape, and offers a maximum amount of swimming space, free of any curves.  The video above details all of the unique features of the Brunswick including a built-in tanning ledge, one of only a few models available with the built-in ledge.  In addition to the ledge, the Brunswick offers a wide step entryway, with a relaxation bench in the deep end.  

In addition to viewing the video above, full specs of the Brunswick can be found here:

Be one of the first in the Charlotte area to have a Brunswick model installed in your backyard.

The finished product

In the previous post, we detailed the steps necessary to install a pool in an instance where you have a sloped yard.  We highlighted how the retaining wall was constructed from the lower courses up to the very top of the pool shell, ready for the decking to be applied.  Below are some pictures of the finished product.  

If your yard has a major slope to it, it is certainly still possible to have a pool installed correctly …

The wall that was built wrapped around both sides of the pool decking, tapering up into the ground up near the top sides.  At its maximum height, the wall on the back end is over 6 ft high.  

** The pool model in the pictures here is the 16x36 Key Largo, in the Caribbean Blue Diamond Tech color finish with concrete cantilever coping

Have a sloped backyard? We can make it work

We run into situations out and about over the Charlotte metro area where yards where customers hope to have pools installed are not necessarily flat.  Just because your backyard has a slope does not mean that installing a pool is not possible.  Whether it means digging out an existing bank of dirt or building a retaining wall and filling in a sloped area with fill dirt, know that installing a pool is still possible.

In this post, we will detail one installation in 2013 that had a sloped backyard, sloping from the back of the house down into a commons area of the neighborhood with a creek bed.  Here are some pictures of that installation and how we made the installation work …

The first step for an installation of this magnitude requires, like in any other pool install, finding the finished height of the pool.  The pool shell is then laid on a bed of #67 gravel so it has a firm base.  The wall, on the lower end, is then begun.  Here you can see the lower courses of the retaining wall being laid and set it place, wrapping around three sides of the pool.  

Once the wall reaches the height of the bottom of the pool shell, we begin backfilling the pool with gravel at the same rate as the wall is constructed.  Engineer-designed grid is inlaid in between every other row of the wall to help ensure that the wall is able to support the amount of material that it is holding up.  In addition, the rock that is put down as backfill against the wall is tamped down with a motorized plate tamper to further solidify the backfilled gravel.  Once complete, the wall is able to support the massive amount of weight it is holding up.  

There are ways to shortcut some of the steps in this process, but you will more than end up paying for it in the long run.  Installing the retaining wall, correctly, insures that your pool will be supported, worry-free for its lifetime.  

The video above shows you a panoramic 3-D view of Tallman/Custom Fiberglass Pool’s newest model for 2014, the Centennial.  The Centennial is one of now 3 rectangle models available for purchase.  This new pool shell is one of the larger pool shells available, measuring 16 ft wide and 38 ft long with a 6 ft deep end.  The pool has ample seating and a wide step entryway.  Another unique feature to the Centennial is the large tanning ledge area in one corner of the shallow end.  Rectangle pool shells have the added benefit of the most swimming space available, free of curves that minimize the amount of space in the pool to splash and play in.  Contact us now and you could be one of the very first in the Charlotte area to own the 16’x38’ Centennial model

A swimming pool makes a great gift for the family

This Christmas why not make a purchase that will provide countless hours of family fun for many years to come?  Why not make plans to put in the swimming pool you have been dreaming about?

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Swimming season is right around the corner …

Video of the rock breaker hammer extension described in the post below.  Despite the fact that was a relatively small pool, we spent nearly 20 hours working with this hammer attachment on getting rock broken up deep enough for the pool shell to sit …

(make sure the volume is down to a lower level when clicking play)

Have rock in your backyard? No problem

From time to time we run into yards that will have rock underneath the surface.  While certainly not the easiest conditions to dig a swimming pool in, this does not pose a large enough problem to not move forward with your plans for a swimming pool installation. 

In the pictures and the video that follow, take a look at a yard we encountered in the Indian Trail/Wesley Chapel area of Union County.  About 12 inches below the grassy surface, we encountered a very large rock outcropping.  While the rock proved too much for our excavator bucket to handle alone, we simply were able to rent a rock breaker hammer extension and continue digging the hole for the swimming pool …

While this was certainly not an easy hole to dig, we can find whatever equipment is needed to dig a hole for your swimming pool if you live in areas where rock is prevalent.  Areas around Charlotte where you may encounter rock are the Indian Trail area, Concord/Kannapolis, and counties approaching the foothills and mountains. 

So there’s rock in your yard?  Not a problem.  See the pics below of the large pile of rock unearthed and the completed pool hole, prepped with gravel, awaiting the pool shell …

The 16x32 Catalina Model

Pictured in this post is the 16x32 Catalina model.  This model, in the Freeform category, is 6 ft deep and has three separate bench seating areas, in addition to ample seating around the wide step entry way.  This particular installation has the concrete cantilever edging and is in the Pearl White finish.  In addition, this pool has a beautiful ring of dark blue tile around the top edging.  (Installed tile ranges from around $1000 - $1500, depending on the size of the pool and the tile selected).  For reference, this pool has 4 ft of concrete edging around three sides with a large patio leading into the shallow end and steps. 

One of the other nice features of the Catalina pool (as well as quite a few of our larger pool models) is the toe-step in the deep end.  That step is visible in the pictures in this post.  This step is wide enough for your toes, so it provides an added layer of safety for the deeper waters, but also aids in the structural integrity of the pool shell.

Additional pictures and angles are below …

Fall Savings are now upon us …

The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and it’s not hot outside anymore.  This time of year may not seem like the appropriate time to be thinking about your potential swimming pool, but Fall is a great time to move forward with your plans. 

Off-season specials are now upon us.  Contact us now for a free in-home consultation to plan your new swimming pool construction.  Savings on swimming pool packages in the “off-season” range up to $4000 off of in-season pricing.  In addition to the amazing price breaks you can receive in the Fall, moving forward with your swimming pool installation now means no delay next summer when the heat returns. 

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