In addition to the 16x38 Centennial model highlighted in a post below, another new model introduced by Custom Fiberglass Pools is the Brunswick.  The Brunswick is 14 ft wide by 32 ft long with a deep end that slopes down to 6 ft.  This model is rectangular in shape, and offers a maximum amount of swimming space, free of any curves.  The video above details all of the unique features of the Brunswick including a built-in tanning ledge, one of only a few models available with the built-in ledge.  In addition to the ledge, the Brunswick offers a wide step entryway, with a relaxation bench in the deep end.  

In addition to viewing the video above, full specs of the Brunswick can be found here:

Be one of the first in the Charlotte area to have a Brunswick model installed in your backyard.

The video above shows you a panoramic 3-D view of Tallman/Custom Fiberglass Pool’s newest model for 2014, the Centennial.  The Centennial is one of now 3 rectangle models available for purchase.  This new pool shell is one of the larger pool shells available, measuring 16 ft wide and 38 ft long with a 6 ft deep end.  The pool has ample seating and a wide step entryway.  Another unique feature to the Centennial is the large tanning ledge area in one corner of the shallow end.  Rectangle pool shells have the added benefit of the most swimming space available, free of curves that minimize the amount of space in the pool to splash and play in.  Contact us now and you could be one of the very first in the Charlotte area to own the 16’x38’ Centennial model

Separate Tanning Ledges - new for 2013

Custom Fiberglass Pools is introducing a new design in fiberglass swimming pools for 2013 - separate tanning ledges.  Two of the current pool shells, the Abacos and the Monaco Bay, have tanning ledges built into the shell.  Custom has now built separate tanning ledges that can be installed along the curves of a few of the existing pool shells.  Three separate tanning ledges are already available for sale, with more coming.  These tanning ledges hold 10 inches of water and are perfect for very small children or for adults who want to have the benefit of lying in the sun, while remaining cool in the water.  Concept pictures are below, showing looks of what installed tanning ledges may look like, as well as spec drawings of each …

The Moroccan Tanning Ledge - fits the Moroccan pool shell.  Tanning ledge is 9’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep

The Cascade/Abacos/Laguna Tanning Ledge - fits these pool shells.  Tanning ledge is 8’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep

The Large Freeform Tanning Ledge - fits the Key West, Atlantic, Pacific, and Rio Grande pool shells.  Tanning ledge is 9’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep.

These are the first in a series of new tanning ledges coming available.  For further information about Custom Fiberglass Pools (also Tallman Pools), please visit their website at  On their site, you can see more benefits of fiberglass manufacturing and all pool shapes, sizes, and models

A custom vanishing edge, Infinity Pool

Check out the picture below of the custom-made Infinity, Vanishing Edge pool.  This pool is the Abacos model, with the Diamond Tech Pacific Blue color finish.  The fiberglass swimming pool industry has come a long way over the years.  This new design is the latest in innovation - what was once only possible with a maintenance-heavy, extremely expensive concrete/gunite pool is now possible with fiberglass …

Another new model being introduced by our manufacturer is the Moroccan.  This pool shell is 16x35 and is 6 ft. deep.  Above is a 3D video of the pool (spa can be added separately;  not a part of the pool shell)

Here is a link to the 3D view of the new Cascade model

New pool model - the 14x34 Cascade pool/spa combo (picture)

Our pool manufacturer, Custom Fiberglass Pools, is great at producing new pool models each year.  Their design and production teams are second to none in the fiberglass swimming pool industry.  On this page, we’ll highlight new pool models as they are introduced. 

One of the new models for 2012 is the Cascade.  This 14x34 shell is a pool and spa in one, much like our Hawaiian model (that you can see installed pictures of in earlier posts).  Below is a picture of the pool shell and a 3D video highlighting the new design will be in a separate post.  Let us know if you’re interested, and you can be the FIRST in Charlotte to own one …

Shown in the picture is the Cascade model at a pool trade show in Atlantic City.  This pool shell is made with the Caribbean Blue color finish.