Securing Permits - We take care of it

When you call us and we give you a quote, we generally will give you a turn-key quote.  Included in that quote, in addition to the pool and all of its components, the concrete installation, and the electrical work, is securing the permits.  We will take care of all of the permits for you, with whatever city, county, or municipality in which you live.  Typically, each county we work in requires zoning approval and a building permit, and we take care of all of this on the front end, prior to the swimming pool installation actually beginning.  All that we ask of you is to secure any Home Owner’s Association approval that you may need.  Everything else, just leave it to us.

Summer is coming …

Beat the Heat.  Contact us today and have your swimming pool in the ground, full of water, and ready to jump in by the time these temperatures arrive!!  It’s better to plan for your pool purchase in the winter and early Spring months so there will be no swimming delay or shortened swim season when the 90’s and 100’s come back.

A new pool for the New Year

Happy 2013 from Maui Carolina Pools & Spas.  Let this be the year that you finally add that fiberglass swimming pool to your backyard.  A few tips as you plan on purchasing your pool …

- Plan ahead and do your research, but try not to wait until the middle of the summer to move forward.  We always encourage people to make their decisions in the winter and spring months to ensure a full year of swimming. 

- Stay tuned to this site for constant updates and how-to’s and pictures of our recent installations.  We should add a few posts per month throughout the year of various items such as “helpful tips,” different pictures of pool models, existing and new, and basic information on the installation process.

- Check for detailed information about Custom Fiberglass Pools, our fiberglass pool shell manufacturer

Thanks again for checking in.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a free in-home consultation.  Let this be the year you add a swimming pool to your backyard!!

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Helpful Tips: Installing Tile

One great way to really enhance the look of your swimming pool is to add a ring of tile around the top perimeter of the pool.  Tile, most importantly, gives a splash of color and improves the aesthetics of your swimming pool project, particularly on the Pearl White pool shells.  We use a special flexible adhesive when applying tile to our pool shells and use a grout specifically made to work with ceramic tile in water.  At a cost, beginning around $1000 for smaller pools, adding tile is one way to really make your pool stand out, without breaking the bank.

Helpful Tips: Install a winter safety cover

One of the great ways to keep your pool as maintenance-free as possible over the non-swimming months is to install a winter safety cover.  The winter safety cover has two primary benefits:  keeping the pool covered, so leaves and other debris cannot will not fall into the water;  and the cover is a safety feature, strong enough so humans or any other four-legged creatures cannot fall in.  The pictures below will show how a winter safety cover is installed:

1 - The picture above shows the hardware included with the winter cover.  You’ll see the springs, screws that are drilled into the concrete that the springs latch onto, an Allen Wrench used to bring the screws up from the concrete (and to screw back down when not in use), and a pry bar used to stretch the cover into place.

2 - Spaced every 3 feet or so apart on the perimeter of the cover are straps.  The next step is to attach the springs to those straps.  The straps enable you to loosen or tighten up the cover, depending on how tight you would like the cover

3 - The set screws are drilled into the concrete.  Next, take the Allen Wrench and screw up the internal screws and pull the springs tight with the pry bar.  Latch the end of the springs onto the internal screws, going from side to side of the cover.  Complete this process until all springs are latched tight.  When the cover is not in use, the internal screw can be screwed back down to where it lies flush with the concrete.

4 - The finished product. 

With a winter safety cover, your fiberglass pool can keep that maintenance-free appeal, as no leaves and very little debris can enter the water.  Also, having a cover can give you peace of mind, knowing your pool is covered against any living thing falling into it.  Contact us for pricing, but typically the cover (with all hardware, box and bag for storage, and complete installation) ranges from $950 for smallest pools to $1300 for largest pools.**

** Prices are indicative of fiberglass models sold by us - concrete or vinyl liner pool sizes, and prices, may vary accordingly

Helpful Tips: Never say it’s your first pool

In the next in our Helpful Tips series, we’re going to tell you this: NEVER go to the pool store, after you’ve had your pool installation completed, and tell them it’s your first pool.  Otherwise, you may come home with as many “needed” chemicals as is pictured above.  The beauty of fiberglass pools is that they require only a fraction of the chemical usage as vinyl liner or concrete pools.  Sure, you’ll still need to keep chemicals around to balance the pH in the water.  And, yes, you’ll still need to keep a couple of bags of salt around, if you have a salt generator system (or chlorine tablets if you have a chlorinator).  We’ve heard horror stories from new pool owners who have gone to pool stores, said they just purchased their first pool and were clueless, and came home with $400 worth of products.  This is completely unnecessary. 

While we do not provide a regular maintenance service, we will educate you, after purchasing from us, what chemicals you’ll need on a regular basis (which is surprisingly very few), and which ones you simply do not need to waste your money purchasing. 

Helpful Tips: Adding water features

Periodically, we’ll be posting some “Helpful Tips.”  These tips may be of use to you as you purchase your fiberglass swimming pool package.  They also may be of use to you if you already have a pool, as we’ll offer some suggestions for maintenance and ease of use.

Our first tip will focus on how to really spruce up your swimming pool package.  Most people want the most “bang for their buck” when purchasing a swimming pool package.  They’ll want the biggest pool with the best features, for the least amount of cost.  One great way to accent your swimming pool is by adding deck spray jets.  For roughly $125 apiece, these jets really make the swimming pool stand out and provide a nice, therapeutic sound when up and running.  See the picture attached for some jets we installed, flush with the concrete decking on a 16x34 model.