How It’s Done: Installing a 16x37, 8 ft deep pool shell

We get asked a lot how our fiberglass pool shells are installed.  Generally, the pool shells, which are manufactured just south of Atlanta, arrive on-site on a flat-bed truck.  We either use a lull forklift to lift the pool shells off of the trailer, and down into the hole, or a crane.  (This depends on the site and amount of space available).  One of our larger pool shells is the Atlantic.  It is one of the Freeform models and is 16 ft wide and 37 ft long and 8 ft depth.  The pool shell weighs 2800 pounds.  Pictures below are of the steps involved in transporting a shell this size from trailer, up into the air, and finally down into the pre-dug and pre-prepared pool hole …

Step 1 - The pool arrives

The pool arrives on the trailer and pulls in with as much proximity to where the crane sets up as possible (dependent upon the lot and space available). 

Step 2 - The crane sets up and hooks up to the pool shell

The crane will set up next, setting up its four outriggers for support and extending the boom into the air.  With four straps, it will pick the pool up off of the trailer.  Small chains are placed at four corners of the pool shell and the straps are shackled to the chains at the four corners.

Step 3 - The pool is picked up off of the trailer and transported

In the pictures above, you can see the pool being lifted.  For this particular installation, this large pool shell was lifted high in the air and actually up over the corner of the house.

Step 4 - Pool is lowered down into hole

The pool is finally lowered into the hole.  Once it is determined that the pool shell is level, the chains are unhooked.  The trailer returns to Atlanta and the crane returns to the yard.  The backfill process is ready to begin the next day.

The finished product

This is what the finished product for the 16x37, 8 ft deep Atlantic model looks like.  This picture was taken on the same day as the concrete deck was poured.  This pool shell is in the Pearl White finish and has concrete cantilever coping

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