Separate Tanning Ledges - new for 2013

Custom Fiberglass Pools is introducing a new design in fiberglass swimming pools for 2013 - separate tanning ledges.  Two of the current pool shells, the Abacos and the Monaco Bay, have tanning ledges built into the shell.  Custom has now built separate tanning ledges that can be installed along the curves of a few of the existing pool shells.  Three separate tanning ledges are already available for sale, with more coming.  These tanning ledges hold 10 inches of water and are perfect for very small children or for adults who want to have the benefit of lying in the sun, while remaining cool in the water.  Concept pictures are below, showing looks of what installed tanning ledges may look like, as well as spec drawings of each …

The Moroccan Tanning Ledge - fits the Moroccan pool shell.  Tanning ledge is 9’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep

The Cascade/Abacos/Laguna Tanning Ledge - fits these pool shells.  Tanning ledge is 8’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep

The Large Freeform Tanning Ledge - fits the Key West, Atlantic, Pacific, and Rio Grande pool shells.  Tanning ledge is 9’6”x18’ and 10 inches deep.

These are the first in a series of new tanning ledges coming available.  For further information about Custom Fiberglass Pools (also Tallman Pools), please visit their website at  On their site, you can see more benefits of fiberglass manufacturing and all pool shapes, sizes, and models

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