Refresher on how to use this site

Just a quick reminder on how best to use this site and its purpose.  We use this site as a continual source of information about our company and our products.  We will continually add new posts to this site with everything from installed pictures of our pools, new pool models soon becoming available, and various tips on how best to research your pool purchase or maintain your new swimming pool.  Also, we will have series of posts with basic how-to’s for fiberglass swimming pools including “how it works” posts and “how it’s done” posts, educating you on various aspects of the construction process or how various equipment works. 

Use the hashtags (#) at the bottom of each post to navigate this site more easily.  For instance, if you are searching for pictures of installed pools, find the (#pool models) at the bottom of a post, click on it, and up will show all of the posts from that particular category. 

Typically, you can expect to find about 4-5 new posts per month, so make sure to either bookmark this site or check back periodically for the latest information. 

A reminder about us - we are a family business, local to the Charlotte area, having been in business in the area for over 30 years.  In addition to the sales, we do all of the on-site work, except for the electrical and concrete work, which are subbed out. 

For information about our manufacturer, Tallman Pools or Custom Fiberglass Pools (also a family business, now in the third generation, outside of the Atlanta area) look at the site:

Any additional questions, feel free to call or email …

Danny 704-361-5144

Nick 704-231-5729

Happy Swimming.  We look forward to serving you in the future.

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