How It’s Done: Building a Fiberglass Pool Shell - part 5

Part 5:  Shell removed from the mold and sanded and buffed

Finally, our pool shell is nearing completion.  Once the shell is constructed and each layer of the surface has been added, the pool shell can be removed from the mold.  With machinery, the shell lifts straight up off of the mold and is stored on site, ready for delivery.  After each shell is removed from the mold, prior to delivery, workers at the manufacturing plant walk around the shell searching for any blemishes.  If any are found, they are sanded and buffed out, so by the time the pool shell arrives in your backyard, it is in pristine condition.  Pictures below are of the shell being removed from the mold and stored, workers removing any blemishes from the pool shell in the construction process, storage of completed pool shells at the Tallman property just south of Atlanta, and a pool shell loaded and ready for delivery.  Will the next pool shell to leave the lot be coming to your home?

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