Fall Savings are now upon us …

The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and it’s not hot outside anymore.  This time of year may not seem like the appropriate time to be thinking about your potential swimming pool, but Fall is a great time to move forward with your plans. 

Off-season specials are now upon us.  Contact us now for a free in-home consultation to plan your new swimming pool construction.  Savings on swimming pool packages in the “off-season” range up to $4000 off of in-season pricing.  In addition to the amazing price breaks you can receive in the Fall, moving forward with your swimming pool installation now means no delay next summer when the heat returns. 

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The 16x35 Moroccan Model

In this post we will highlight the 16x35 Moroccan model.  The Moroccan is a very unique design that is in the Lagoon series by Custom Fiberglass Pools.  The pool is 16 ft wide at it’s largest width and is 35 ft long and has a deep end at 6 feet.  The Moroccan has a wide, rounding step entryway with a lengthy bench on the right as you enter the pool to provide ample lounging room in the shallow end.  This particular installation is in the Pearl White finish, which is the standard finish at no extra cost.  (The Diamond Tech color finish, seen in a large number of other pool installations on the site is an upgrade, ranging from $800 - $1300 for the largest pools).  When water quality is optimal, a white pool still gives a blue look, as seen here.  This Moroccan installation has cantilever concrete decking and the standard 4 ft. walkway around three sides of the pool.  The fountain visible here was purchased after installation.

The 16x36 Key Largo model

Included in this post are pictures of the 16x36 Key Largo pool model.  This pool is in the Caribbean Blue Diamond Tech color finish and has a concrete cantilever coping.  Due to the sloping of the backyard, this pool is built with a large retaining wall on the backside.  The Key Largo is a custom shape that is unique in that it has the step entry with bench seating to the side and a table with umbrella slot in the shallow end.  Also, adjacent to the table and seats is a lounger where you can relax in the water.  Pillow comes with this pool, though is not pictured.  The Key Largo is 6 and 1/2 feet deep at its deepest point. 

Pictures below are up-close shots of the step entry and table/seats/umbrella slot and of the lounge area …

Need a larger pool? We have them.

If it’s a large pool that you are looking for, Custom Fiberglass Pools builds them.  With a wide variety of pools at the 16 ft width, as well as one 17 ft wide model and one 18 ft wide model, Custom Fiberglass Pools provide you with a great selection of large pools.  If you are interested in a pool with a diving board, we have 4 models that are 8 ft depth, that are certified as safe for diving.  Purchasing a fiberglass pool also gives you the peace of mind, financially, that you won’t spend a small fortune on a concrete/gunite pool of that size, or have the constant threat of having to replace a liner with a large vinyl liner pool. 

For all of the large pools that are available, please check out their website at:  www.custom-fiberglasspools.com

Call Danny at 704-361-5144 to schedule a free in-home consultation soon and you will be swimming in your large swimming pool this summer.

A few of the larger pools, with shapes and dimensions are pictured below …

The 18x43, 8 ft deep, Rio Grande model:

The 16x38, 6 ft deep, Paradise Bay model:

The 16x37, 6 ft deep, Key West model:

Coming to your yard soon?


Call us soon and we make this a reality at your home.  Fiberglass pools arrive on a flatbed truck and are most often lifted into the pre-dug holes with a crane. 

Check out:  www.custom-fiberglasspools.com and pick out your pool of choice.  Give us a call and we will come out for a free in-home consultation.  Call us soon and you can still be swimming this summer.

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The 16x34 Sunset Cay model




Pictured in this post is the 16x34 Sunset Cay model.  The Sunset Cay, which slopes down to 6 ft deep is in the Custom line of Custom Fiberglass Swimming pools.  This particular model is in the Pearl White finish and has a beautiful ring of blue tile around the top perimeter, just below the concrete cantilever coping edge.  Adding tile to any water line not only gives your pool a splash of color, but also helps to mask any sort of oil/dirt ring that can accumulate at the water line, from oils and other particulates in the water.  This pool project has an extensive amount of additional concrete (note, we typically will figure 4 ft. of concrete around the perimeter of the pool when quoting, but more concrete can be added at your request).  The Sunset Cay model offers a vast amount of swimming room with it’s oval shape.  It offers a wide step entry at the shallow end, as well as a wide bench seat across the deep end.

More information about the Sunset Cay and all other models from Custom Fiberglass Pools can be found at their website at:  www.custom-fiberglasspools.com




The 14x34 Tahiti model




Pictured in this post is the 14x34 Tahiti model.  The Tahiti, which slopes from 3 ft. deep at the shallow end to 6 ft. at the deep end is part of the Lagoon series from Custom Fiberglass Pools.  The Tahiti features three different seating areas - this model has a rounded step entry way at one corner, opposite of that corner is a rounded bench and another bench can be found on one corner at the deep end.  This particular installation comes with the concrete cantilever coping and comes with the standard Pearl White finish, which is no extra charge.  The most prominent feature of this installation is the beautiful stamp concrete deck around the perimeter of the pool.  The color/stain combination is a dark red, with a little bit of gray and black to create a textured look, along with the stamp pattern all the way around.  Up close pictures of the stamp concrete can be found below …



The 13x29 Acapulco



Pictured in this post is the 13x29 Acapulco pool.  The Acapulco is one of the Grecian styled pools available from Custom Fiberglass Pools and is 5 and 1/2 ft deep.  This particular pool is finished with the Caribbean Blue Diamond Tech color finish.  Installed as well with this pool is the concrete cantilever coping, which is an upgrade over the standard exposed fiberglass coping that you may find in other pool installations.  This pool has a 4 ft concrete walkway around three sides of the pool and an area that is 8 ft on the long side in between the pool and the house, which is a great width for tables, chairs, and loungers.  The Acapulco features a wide step entry and two bench seats along both sides of the deep end.  For a smaller-sized pool, the Acapulco offers a great deal of swimming space, with its lack of curves and sweeping rounded edges.




Securing Permits - We take care of it

When you call us and we give you a quote, we generally will give you a turn-key quote.  Included in that quote, in addition to the pool and all of its components, the concrete installation, and the electrical work, is securing the permits.  We will take care of all of the permits for you, with whatever city, county, or municipality in which you live.  Typically, each county we work in requires zoning approval and a building permit, and we take care of all of this on the front end, prior to the swimming pool installation actually beginning.  All that we ask of you is to secure any Home Owner’s Association approval that you may need.  Everything else, just leave it to us.

How It’s Done: Installing a 16x37, 8 ft deep pool shell

We get asked a lot how our fiberglass pool shells are installed.  Generally, the pool shells, which are manufactured just south of Atlanta, arrive on-site on a flat-bed truck.  We either use a lull forklift to lift the pool shells off of the trailer, and down into the hole, or a crane.  (This depends on the site and amount of space available).  One of our larger pool shells is the Atlantic.  It is one of the Freeform models and is 16 ft wide and 37 ft long and 8 ft depth.  The pool shell weighs 2800 pounds.  Pictures below are of the steps involved in transporting a shell this size from trailer, up into the air, and finally down into the pre-dug and pre-prepared pool hole …

Step 1 - The pool arrives

The pool arrives on the trailer and pulls in with as much proximity to where the crane sets up as possible (dependent upon the lot and space available). 

Step 2 - The crane sets up and hooks up to the pool shell

The crane will set up next, setting up its four outriggers for support and extending the boom into the air.  With four straps, it will pick the pool up off of the trailer.  Small chains are placed at four corners of the pool shell and the straps are shackled to the chains at the four corners.

Step 3 - The pool is picked up off of the trailer and transported

In the pictures above, you can see the pool being lifted.  For this particular installation, this large pool shell was lifted high in the air and actually up over the corner of the house.

Step 4 - Pool is lowered down into hole

The pool is finally lowered into the hole.  Once it is determined that the pool shell is level, the chains are unhooked.  The trailer returns to Atlanta and the crane returns to the yard.  The backfill process is ready to begin the next day.

The finished product

This is what the finished product for the 16x37, 8 ft deep Atlantic model looks like.  This picture was taken on the same day as the concrete deck was poured.  This pool shell is in the Pearl White finish and has concrete cantilever coping